For more than 40 years, Unigraph’s philosophy has been for our customers to save time and money, which is why we are always in constant evolution, in terms of the quality of our products, as cost reduction of the printed sheet.

Let us demonstrate the following benefits and cost reductions you get by using Unigraph products in your pressroom;

  1. Ink reduction of at least 5%
  2. Reduction make ready times and reduction in waste sheets
  3. Longer life of your FloClear filters; at least 100% improvement
  4. Much cleaner water system from the water pans to the water tank
  5. Cleaner, sharper and more vibrant printed sheet/board
  6. Hardly any « kickout » from the fountain solution concentrate
  7. Much cleaner blankets and back cylinders
  8. More stability with ink/water control
  9. Conductivity will remain much more stable and not spike
  10. Increase in press speeds without losing control
  11. Much faster drying time

Should you be interested by trying our products, please do not hesitate to contact us